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Presidine Elder Council Reverend Percy Tate Chair
Brotherhood Reverend Dr. Blake Wilton Chair
Board of Examiners Reverend Dr. Earl Harris Chair
Lay Organization Ms. Ametta Reaves President
Women’s Missionary Society Mrs. JoAnn Harris President
YPD Mrs. Quereda  Covington Director
YPD Ms. Mychal Royal President
M-SWAWO+PK’s Mrs. Judith Williams President
Christian Education Department Reverend Dr. Otis Gordon Chair
Christian Education Department Reverend Dr. Karen Schaeffer Director
Music Ministry Reverend Beverly Cofield Chair
Prison Ministry Reverend Ronda Alderman Chair
Sons of Allen Reverend Arnette Thornton Chair
Boy Scouts Mr. Greg Edmonds Director
Women In Ministry Reverend Louise Jackson Chair
Evangelism Reverend Dr. Alphonse Allen Chair
Evangelism Reverend Deborah Watt Co-Chair
Church School Mr. Larry Rodgers Superintendant
Social Action and Community Development Reverend Dale Snyder Director
Health Commission Mrs. Cheryl Boyce Chair
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