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The African Methodist Episcopal Church Service and Development Agency, Inc., (AME-SADA) is committed to its mission of “Helping People Help Themselves.”


AME-SADA Is the International humanitarian relief and development agency of the African Methodist Episcopal Church and currently works in Africa and the Caribbean.

Founded in 1977, AME-SADA grew out of the collective efforts of several primary individuals including, Bishop John Hurst Adams, Bishop Frederick C. James, Reverend Lonnie Johnson, Mrs. Wilburn Boddie, Dr. Joseph C. McKinney, with critical support from Bishop Donald G. K. Ming, as they sought to strengthen the mission of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in the lives of people in Africa and the Caribbean. Hence, AME·SADA was created to coordinate and administer international development and relief projects outside of the United States. AME-SADA works in collaboration with grassroots communities to Institute programs In education, health care and economic development to encourage people In Africa and the Caribbean to actively participate In the economic life and development of their communities and nations.


Responding to local conditions and needs, AME-SADA seeks to enhance the activities of the local population and provide appropriate additional assistance and resources in the areas of health, education and agriculture. AME-SADA works in partnership with individuals and communities to identify and address basic needs in these sectors.


Since starting with a life-saving vaccination program in the Arcahaie and Cabaret regions of Haiti in 1987, while under the leadership of Bishop Frederick H. Talbot who served in Haiti from 1972-1980 and Supervisor Dr. Sylvia R. Talbot, AME-SADA developed a comprehensive program of activities in Haiti that moves beyond relief efforts to address the fundamental Impediments to self-improvement. The country program is now focusing on repair and improvement of the various clinics serving more than 200,000 patients per year.

Child and Maternal Health and School Health

AME·SADA provides comprehensive pre/postnatal health care to women aged 15-49, newborn care, vaccination of children under 5 years against infectious diseases, comprehensive treatment of diarrheal diseases, nutritional recuperation for malnourished children, family planning and counseling, TB treatment, HIV/AIDS and STD education, counseling and treatment, home/community visits by health workers and traditional birth attendants through its 8 fixed site outpatient clinics. Currently, AME-SADA has over 112 staff members, 111 Health Agents and more than 388 Traditional Birth Attendants providing health and other services to a population of over 400,000 individuals in the Western Department of Haiti. Child and maternal health care services are funded and operate under two programs. Services de Sante’ de Quallte’ pour Haiti is a subcontract funded by USAID and is part of long term programming funded by the US government ln maternal and child health In which AME-SADA has participated for more than 14 years.


A newer funding source, Child and Maternal Health from Birth to Elementary Schaal with a component of Health Care at School for 48 Elementary Schools in Arcahaie-Haiti, is a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation of Battle Creek Michigan designed to improve child and maternal health in Arcahaie (Akaye), Haiti, through increased access to clinical services, pre· and post-delivery care to women and school health programs. Efforts focus on provision of preventive and clinical services for early childhood including vaccination and nutrition as a child survival program, providing access to health services for children enrolled in primary school Including: deworming, micronutrient supplementation, control of malaria, as well as vision, dental and hearing screening, while strengthening the link between schools, parents, communities and local health services as a school based program. Maternal health is being improved through provision of clinical services throughout pregnancy with special attention to the prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV. Assistance to orphaned children affected by HIV is also being addressed. The project promotes lifelong health behaviors through skills-based community health education. Improvements to the infrastructure of schools and clinics will increase access to clean water and sanitation and improve the child, and community environment. This effort also includes the expansion of services with fully staffed outpatient centers in Delice I and II and Leger. The continued generosity of the Connectional WMS will allow for the construction of a new Delice I Health Center. These efforts go across the entire community the help people know and participate in what it takes to have a healthy environment for themselves and for the future of their children. The project relies on AME. SADA’s long and positive relationship with the community and with local leadership and follows our vision of Integrated programs that tie health, education, agriculture and economy.

Dr. Dorothy Jackson Young, Supervisor of the 3″‘ Episcopal District, the WMS and Lay Organization of the 3rd Episcopal District and the Connectional/ International WMS under the leadership of President Shirley Cason-Reed have further supported AME-SADA with donations of newborn packets and vitamins for mothers and toddlers. Further, the YPD supported AME·SADA with funds for a pilot project for “Spring Cappin1f to help provide clean water for isolated communities In the mountains above Arcahaie.

Berey Transitional and Treatment Facility for At-Risk Pregnant Women.

With support from Bishop McKinley Young, Supervisor Dorothy Jackson Young when they were in the 11th Episcopal District, (and continuing now that they are in the 3rd Episcopal District) the Women’s Missionary Society’s Dorothy Adams Peck leadership Institute, other grants and donations as well as the W. IC Kellogg Foundation Health project AME-SADA has strengthened its focus on the needs of at-risk pregnant women residing in Arcahale and Cabaret, isolated mountainous regions of Haiti. Design work has started on a new treatment facility for these patients with special needs. In the meantime they are being treated in the Pont Matheux facility.


AME-SADA Orphans and Vulnerable Children Support Project

Occasionally, Haiti clinic staff identifies cases which require financial support. Haiti and Washington staffs have opened a modest fund to address these cases and are now seeking outside resources to help maintain it. Some of these cases require specialized medical attention and other assistance not provided for by other funded projects.


Agriculture Study

AME-SADA has begun a study to Identify Approaches to Increase Family Economic Security and lmpra11e Agricultural De11elapment In Haiti. The project is funded by a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation of Battle Creek, Michigan. Pro)ect efforts focus on preparation of a diagnostic study leading to an assessment of the feasibility of integrating moringa and congo pea cultivation and the development of goat farming in the Arcahaie region. By integrating rural planning compatible with the biodiversity of the region and the development of sectors which increase the Income of small farmers/producers in the region, we will improve food security in the area and help the focal population to afford improved access to health care and the other basic needs of life. The study will provide the data to develop a strategy for the environmental planning and technical support for the producers and the creation of economic infrastructures that will contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the population and especially that of the most vulnerable– children.


AME·SADA West Africa Office

Based on the need, in parts of West Africa, for the types of services to that we can provide, AME·SADA is opening a new Regional Office in Accra, Ghana to serve the populations in Ghana and eventually Togo, Liberia, Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone, while expanding to other areas as resources allow. Office construction is now underway due to the generosity of Bishop Clement Fugh, of the 141 h Episcopal District and Rev. Collier Coleman, Presiding Elder in Accra Ghana who have provided support for the project and space for the new office.



Wilberforce Community College
Wilberforce Institute, founded by the AME Church, Is one of the oldest institutions of higher education for Blacks in South Africa. The AMEC chose to close the Institute during the time of enforcement of the apartheid policies of Bantu Education rather than be forced to cooperate with the laws of the regime at that time. With the dismantling of the apartheid laws, the AMEC decided to reopen Wilberforce and AME-SADA was called upon to assist in this endeavor. Wilberforce reopened under the name, Wilberforce Community College (WCC), keeping the original campus, renovating its buildings and undertaking a modernization program to serve the people of South Africa.

The United States Agency for International Development/ American Schools and Hospitals Abroad awarded a total of five grants to AME-SADA for new construction at WCC. These grants Included funding for; 1) The Multipurpose Educational Facility with classrooms, library and administration 2) The Distance Learning Center Including an electronic classroom, video conferencing and a resource center. Faculty Housing was also funded by this grant. 3) Dormitory Faclfitles for male and female. 4) The Dining Hall. 5) The Students’ Community Center. In addition to the grants provided by USAID/ASHA, counterpart funding for these several buildings was provided primarily by the AMEChurch and its supporters. Sizable contributions for the maintenance and repair at WCC have been provided by President Shirley Cason-Reed and the Women’s Missionary Society, (recent critical repair of generator) as well as Bishop Adam J. Richardson, Jr., Bishop McKinley Young and Bishop Jeffrey N. Leath.



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