3rd District Building Dedication

Dedication ceremony draws hundreds to new location 

Recently, hundreds gathered at 288 South Hamilton Road, for the dedication of the new Episcopal Headquarters. This event, which was attended by individuals from around Ohio and abroad, dre

w an array of dignitaries, from political to spiritual. Such dignitaries in attendance included Columbus City Council members Charletta Tavares and Kevin Boyce; Larry Price of Larry Price and Associates; Senator Ray Miller and more.

Kicking off with an outdoor program that included speeches, prayers, the gathering of supporters and the cutting of the ribbon, this event was described as a
monumental ceremony that will go down in history.

This headquarters dedication was part of the African Methodist Episcopal Convocation that consists of 250 churches spanning from Ohio to Pennsylvania. Under the leadership of Bishop Robert Vaughn Webster, this organization is dedicated to addressing the total person in every aspect of their lives. “We didn’t gather just for worship services and fellowship, but we came together to offer direction and release a life-changing word.”

Within the organization 20 Episcopal districts make up the worldwide AME Districts 1 through 13 oversee the work in the U.S., Canada and Bermuda, while the 14th
through 20th oversee foreign labors in Africa, Jamaica, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, the Virgin Islands, the Windward Islands, Guyana, and Surinam. Bishops, the highest-level directors, preside over these geographic divisions (which supposedly contain approximately equal numbers of people and congregations).

The AMEC is governed episcopally. All laws and procedures ultimately are based on teachings contained in the “Book of Discipline.” The church holds an international General Conference every four years, attended by both clergy and lay members. At these gatherings, officials decide on policy, enact laws and set up budgets for the coming four year period.

There are also smaller more localized conferences held once every year; there are many separate meetings for subdivisions of each district. Again, attendees are both clergy and laity and both report on and summarize the evangelistic work that has been done
in the past year, assess last year’s budget, and plan one for the coming year.

These conferences, presided over by the bishop of the district, also assign clerical members to the church they will be serving for the forth-coming year. Methodist preaches are viewed as “itinerant.” In theory, they can be relocated each year to a different congregation.

This article used by permission from The Call and Post, Thursday, March 30, 2006 Page 8B


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